Music Box & Snow Globe Repair Service

Music Box Repair & Snow Globe Repair

Broken Glass Globe

Dirty Water

Broken Floating Figurines

Cracked or Broken Base

Music not Playing or over wound

Snow Globe Repair Center - By Appointment Only


Music Box Repair Service - Snow Globe Repair By Appointment Only

Take a full on picture and another from under the base and email to

If you have a broken or damaged, non playing snow globe repair or music box, musical figurine, carousel not turning or the horses are not going up and down or anything not working as it should. Then learn more with our music box repair service. with over 25 years of experience in the musical gifts industry, we can restore you precious keepsake. We receive daily, damaged, irreplaceable items, that have great sentimental value that will be returned in new condition.

We receive many emails and "Thank you" cards from happy customers who are amazed to get their musical gift back in perfect condition. They appreciate the time and care taken in restoration and we appreciate their very kind words.

We are highly recommended by the San Francisco Music Box Company and Mr Christmas Company as a reputable, trusted, high quality repair service for their products.
If it can be repaired ... we can do it!
Please take a look at the customer testimonials and recent completed repair work.
Visit the Main Snow Globe and Music Box Repair Website:   Snow Globe Repair Center

Most music box type repairs are completed and returned in approx 7 days or less, depending on the necessary work required to complete the music box repair.

Snow globe repairs take a little longer to complete. Approximately Two to 6 weeks or longer due to season demand.. Snow globes or water globes must be completely dismantled before repairing, changing dirty water or replacing a broken globe, gasket or a floating figurine inside a water globe.

Returned items will be shipped via UPS or USPS Depending on location - International repairs and all PO Box address will be shipped USPS priority express service.

We repair broken hearts every single day from all across the USA, Canada , Australia, UK and Europe.

Send your music box or snow globe repair to:

Gifts Online Inc
Repair Dept
145 Richland Road
Greeneville TN 37745

Please include:
Your Name & Address
Daytime and Evening Phone Numbers
Email Address

Someone will contact you by phone for your credit card information, once we receive your precious treasure.

Please DO NOT Forget - to include your Daytime Phone Number.

We do excellent work and are recommended by San Francisco Music Box Company and Mr Christmas Music Box Company to name a couple and thank you for your trust in our professional repair services.

Music Boxes & Snow Globe Repair

Call 423-639-5850 or email if you need more information. Please remember it is difficult to give an exact estimate by phone due to the fact that no two repairs are exactly the same.

Just to repeat again....make sure to include

Your Name & Address
Daytime and Evening Phone Numbers
Email Address

This will make everything run smoothly so we can contact you,

Thank you and send your repair to the above address. Make sure to pack it well even though it may be damaged, you dont want it to be damaged more!

Have a wonderful, musical day!

Please Note: All repairs and estimates must be paid for in full within 7 days. So please call us 423-639-5850 within 7 days if we have not been able to connect with you because we will have been trying to contact you, so we can get started on the repair. We do not want your sentimental repair just sitting around. We like to start the process the very next day and work on it for several days before it will be completed. We do require a credit card for repairs or to charge return shipping for estimates that do not want to complete the work, although this is rare, but it happens! Someone will call you for your credit card information by phone, for your security when we receive your music box or snow globe repair.

If you require an estimate before we start the work please include this in a note along with the item. Estimates may incur a *small estimate charge depending on the item and time involved to find the problem and estimate the cost. Larger pieces for example like Mr Christmas and large snow globes with wiring require a longer time to determine what is required to repair and take a part.

We receive repairs every single day, so we do need to get anything you send to us returned back to you as soon as possible. We want to avoid any misunderstanding and many customers forget to send us required information like a phone number or an address and this makes contacting a problem.

Credit cards are required for all repairs or estimate repair returns, even if you are one of the few customers who decide not to have the work completed. We must have payment in the first 7 days or a late charge of one dollar a day will be charged. Items left longer than 30 days (without a credit card on file) will be considered abandoned, forfeited and discarded we are not in a position to store any items. We appreciate your understanding and agree to these simple terms and guidelines.

*Small estimate charge - $15.00 to $25.00 in most cases (This charge is only to customers if they decide not to have the repair work completed. Larger items can be much higher and maybe more practical to do the repair once the piece is dismantled and the problem found! Thank you for your understanding, we do get lots of repair work worldwide arriving daily. So we need to avoid phone tag and get your treasured items repaired and returned to you ASAP.
















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